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the rules of network security

“Originality” in the True Sense of the Word - OEM

unleashing ingenuity: Secure by design is our guiding principle, innovation is our language and Service excellence is our DNA. We are here to REWRITE the rules with our bottoms up, NO OPEN Source product built with precision.


In-house Tech Built from Ground-up

Leveraging core C programming with Embedded Linux, with our inhouse team of Firmware sets standards for security and agility in design that no other OEM can deliver.

Defined by Secure Design

Think Secure, Think Cnergee: 256AES encryption, LAN-WAN virtualization, Rotating keys, REST API based CPE access are amongst the long list of features redefine Industry leading security norms.

Modular access, E-SIM enabled true Zero Touch Provisioning

Seamless integration with other network tools to enable smooth transitioning and true Plug & play with E-sim enabled configuration ensures an “FE LESS” installation.

Think PMTA, Talk Cnergee

Experience the future of network security with our industry-first PMTA technology, enabling simplified management ' predictable performance.

SASE, uCPE compatible,Scalable Platform

Adapts to any design architecture

Cnergee's unified portfolio offers you the flexibility of deployment in public or private clouds, on-prem in Virtual machines or appliances in a hub and spoke or SASE architecture on our CPE’s or VNF enabled uCPE architecture.

Agile Architecture

SASE Supported
Cloud Supported
uCPE VNF Supported
Appliance Supported
VM Supported

Enterprises today face evolving risks and
vulnerabilities that demand a new approach to security

So calledOEMs

  • Trained Field Engineer
    for deployment
  • USB lead patch updates
    with high downtime
  • Multiple vendors and
    closed ecosystem
  • SIM enabled true
    Zero Touch provisioning
  • 12 MB OS leading to
    rapid updates
  • Unified LAN, WAN and End-Point
    in a single platform

textA Network-as-a-Service Platform

A unified yet Modular stack of services allows you to seamlessly integrate any of our cutting-edge components with existing services. This allows for a phased migration rather than a complex “lift and shift” operation.

  • PMTA* across all links
  • Domain based Tunnel
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Dynamic key rotation
  • Stateful Firewall
  • Zero Radius Geo-Fencing
  • IP wise user mgmt
  • Micro-Segmentation
  • URL & Content Filter
  • Patch Management
  • DHCP Reservation
  • MAC Filter
  • Next Gen Firewall
  • Gateway Anti-virus
  • SSL Offload
  • End-point Security
  • Threat Intel
  • IPS/IDS (snort based)

Unified OEM Modules in a single box enabled via a Mouse-click

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Network Cnericonee
Like Never Before

Secure by Design
#1 Secure by We are No Open <br> Source, API driven, <br> PMTA encryptedDesign#Securebydesign
Plug & Play
Experience the difference between SIM enabled activation, No FE visits, No Plug and Play.#TrueZeroTouch
A single pane of glass reporting across WAN, LAN and Security to provide integrated end-to-end visibility.#SinglePaneofGlass

Our Proprietary
PMTA Technology

PMTA (Packet-wise Multisession Tunnel Aggregation) is a technique employed in our SD-WAN solution to establish multiple sessions between multiple WAN links of the Concentrator (hub) and CPE (spoke).

Offers Significant BenefitsBundled with Top-notch Security

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